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I am new to this, so please forgive silly questions.  But, I moved my clients Weebly website from Blue Host to Fat Cow but the website, of course, had to be completely rebuilt. Now I am trying to set up the forum. My question:

Can I somehow reconnect the previous forum with the same credentials to the new Weebly website, or do I have to reinstall MyBB and start anew?


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you will have to change config.php to point to the database you have with fat cow. Also, there are a few changes you will need to make in the database (and settings.php) such as your board URL.
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MyBB will almost surely be much easier to set up and configure if you re-install it fresh on your new host because a lot of the configuration is done automatically through the install wizard (ie: board url, cookie settings, admin info). What you could do is just back up your existing board -> custom plugins and all, back up and export the database -> and then restore it on a fresh MyBB install. Would also be a prime time to upgrade MyBB versions if you're installing a new vanilla copy of 1.8.12 (don't mess with that if you're still on 1.6 though).

Make sure you have the new install running properly (test plugins, theme, etc) before you get rid of the old install, obviously.
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