A Free PHP Image Hosting Script ?
I'm searching for a free image hosting script for my forum members. Will host it in a separate host.

Also I wonder if there is a way to make images can been seen ony for domain name of the forum.

Found one on github, check this

And what do you mean by images can be seen only for domain name of forum ?
Thanks I ll check that one.

Well I want to stop people to use it as a public image host and restrict it on just a single domain name or two.
There are two ways you can do that :-
1. Restrict access to only MyBB users by integrating MyBB login in the above scripts
2. Modify the existing script so that images added from single domain name or two can be uploaded.

Both of these will require modification that you will have to do Smile

I recall you can do that with .htaccess but I'm not sure:
Its easy to create a image hosting script specially for basic use like this one https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AgentG...upload.php
[Image: cafaf18ba2.gif]
FileSquid is under development
[Image: trk1]
An image hosting script? You mean for users to upload images to place inside of img tags?
I recommend this script: It's worked pretty well for me in the past. You'd probably want to do some debranding first, though. https://gitgud.io/Sapphire/mixtape.moe/. You can find links to many such scripts at https://github.com/tsudoko/long-live-pom...ve-pomf.md.

To prevent linking on sites that aren't your forum, you can look into these resources:
http://nodotcom.org/nginx-image-hotlink-rewrite.html (For NGINX)
https://serverfault.com/questions/300089...343#301343 (For Apache)
I custom built one a while ago it had a theming system and everything but never released it to the public because of security issues and little bugs.

Most of it was secure just not the whole script and I lost the files I have a backup and it’s very old so and it was before I implemented the theming system still not going to release anyway good luck man.

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