[Duplicate] 'Insert a video' http:// issue
When you try to insert an image, you click that button in editor you see URL: part written "http://" but it's not actual characters in that box, you can't remove them, it just shows that link supposed to go there.

But when you click to insert a video, in Video URL box there's actually "http://" written in that box so people are supposed to remove it. I noticed that this issue causes confusions on my users, most of them just copy/past the link there and they end up having it like "https://........./http://"

You can just reproduce it via message editor in any message.
Hi Darkrad, thank you for contributing. This has already been reported here, in which thread you can also read a temporary solution.

Unfortunately we have very little control over patches to the editor, given it's a third party library with its own developer and updates. There are many bugs already reported for it – the thing is, patching bugs independently would be a pain when a new release is drafted by SCEditor's author, which is expected to happen in the future.
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