[Duplicate] Issue with postbit attachment thumbnail
Hi MyBB Team, I found an issue in 1.8.12 version of MyBB.

I will try to explain the issue,suppose a user wants to attach an image using attachment feature. When you add an image as an attachment, the img code is broken because of unwanted span element which closes the image tag and hence the image shows as broken with time.
For example, I have added the image in this thread as an attachment and it shows broken image :-
[Image: 7SGe0ve.png]

I see an issue about attachment already at github but it is different from the above stated issue and I believe the fix will not solve the above issue.

Example below :-    

I think it is fixed by this PR, can you test it?
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Hi WallBB, the PR you posted above fixes this issue. Specifically: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/pull/2753/f...7b44b8R794

As Eldenroot suggested, you might give it a try.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]

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