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trash bin
I think the plugin trash bin should be implemented into the core of MyBB. Of course with the additions of adding attachments/polls as well. 

Soft deletes can do the same thing....but soft deletes pollutes the thread. with the ttrash bin you can just get rid of it....and at least have the option to return it. Better yet you can look at all the spam posts you purged and figure out things such as our spam is getting mostly spam like we will do this to combat it. In my case i found out my spam mostly gets http links in subject titles, so we added a plugin to ban links in subject titles. But we wouldnt of known with so many mods and admins that kept purging without logging it via the trash bin.
Agreed, no reason it shouldn't be core. I would say I prefer that it defaults to off though, for the sake of users' privacy.
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I like the trash can as well. I used to use the old trash can plugin for this..

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