[WIP] Registration Log
(2017-08-12, 07:39 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: I completely appreciate that; but I have the belief that plugins should have things that are *not* in the core Smile
You and me both, buddy Smile. But if people are requesting it and it's simple enough for me to make, no reason not to IMO if it will help people, especially those new to MyBB.
(2017-08-12, 03:16 PM)WallBB Wrote: I will suggest an option to -
Enable/Disable keep logs for only failed registrations

That means either you want full logs or failed registration logs.
I'll probably add this, possibly not for initial release though we'll see. It's literally just going to be a checkbox I think that says "only log failed registrations." This feature is more difficult to add than it seems though because as far as I know the various checks that happen in member.php for a new registration don't all throw the same errors so I'd have to add my custom logging call at every single part of the script where the registration could fail. Unlike a successful registration where only one specific hook is called that I can easily use. Basically I'll just need to look into this a bit before I can give you a better answer lol.
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