Mybb Don't Go
[Image: eklenti.png] Plugin Name : MyBB Don't Go Plugin
[Image: yapimci.png] Plugin Author : Emre Karakaya
[Image: guvenlik.png] Plugin Safe? : Safe[Image: onay.png]
[Image: versiyon.png] Plugin Version : 1.0
[Image: arac.png]  Test Status : Seamlessly [Image: onay.png]
[Image: mybb.png] Compatible Version : MyBB - 1.8.x 
[Image: aciklama.png] Plugin Description : Mybb is written with the Do not Go plugin and dontgo.js to adapt to Mybb forums. Do not Go is used to withdraw your users as tabs and withdraw separated users. If the user leaves your site open as a passive tab within a certain period of time, the site favicon and title will change automatically. Sample ;

[Image: kWyR2J.gif]

[Image: demo_link.png] Demo: 

[Image: info.png] İndirme Linkleri:   

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Instead of repeating $db->insert_query(); i suggest you look into $db->insert_query_multiple(); ~
(2017-08-16, 03:06 AM)Sazze Wrote: Instead of repeating $db->insert_query(); i suggest you look into $db->insert_query_multiple(); ~

Thanks. I tailored the code to the recommendation Code : Github
güzel eklenti bi de konu dışı ama destek sitesi neresi var şuan yaa? her taraf kapanmış

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