Registration Security Question passed to Moderator
Hello, I recently had my forum spammed and spent 2 days cleaning up the huge mess,
so now I require moderator approval of new registrations.

However, the ones I now get are appear to mostly be manual spammers from the email addresses they are using compared to the username they signup with. My forum is very lightly used, so I don't want to turn away legit signups.

What I would like is to have a question asked to the registration, and their answer passed to the moderator, so I can better decide whether they are a spammer or not. I've seen this is other forums I signed up on, but did not see a way to do it with MyBB 1.8.

What I mean is, a question like "Why do you like fishing" or "Tell me why you want to join a fishing forum" Tell me what kind of bait works best for Trout?", that kind of question and their answers, so I can easily determine someone who is an actual person interested in the content of the forum.
A simple question and answer like is currently supported is not enough.
You may can add this as a custom profile field and mark it as required for registration. Then the user need to fill it and you are able to see this on profile before you aprove the user.
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This thingy here works nicely:

waah. i need better glasses. forget my suggestion
^ Note: Registration Security Question is internal feature of MyBB 1.8.x
Also note that Registration Security Question needs a list of all acceptable answers; for open-ended questions a required custom profile is better.
A custom profile field would work better for this.
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