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I like SMF 2.X overall, but I have outgrown it:  it's not truly responsive and I sometimes get problems now that my traffic is up - 150 to 225 users during most of the day and about 7,000 page views per day.

I have a dedicated servers - pretty beefy and good service - but it is Windows.  I do have MySQL already installed and operational as it runs my SMF forum.

1.  So my first question is this:  can MyBB handle the above traffic on a Windows server?  (I can add RAM on the fly if it's needed.)

2.  My second and most important is this:  do the responsive themes - I guess you call them "extend" - work well on Windows?

3.  My last question is about the merge/migration tool:  will it migrate SMF private messages and polls?

Thx in advance for any help...
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all points yes Wink
even i will recommand linux but this is privat opinion.

it depends on php, mysql/mariadb, and apache/nginx .... not on windows.

i recommand 2 cores at minimum, ram depends on usage.
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