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Not Solved phpbb 3.2 to myBB 1.8.12 Merge Problems
Not Solved
1. Permissions. On the category the admin permissions are ok. Every forum in the category all have admin as having no abilities at all. (IE can't view, post etc) So, I have to go through each forum in every category and drag over the abilities for admin? Or is there a way to globally do it?

2. Even though I have set one particular forum, in a category, to allow admin to view, post threads, post replies, post polls, when I visit that forum (Which previously didn't show up at all, see #1 above) after saving those permissions, as admin, I only see "Sorry, but you do not have permissions to view threads in this forum." But I just drug over "view" etc, for admin, on that forum in the acp and saved.

3. HTML formatting... Every single post that was imported, has html formatting in it. IE <r> this is a test </br> Is there a way to get rid of that from every post or, delete all posts and report via the merge system, but not allow this?

Attaching a couple screenshots also.

Thank you for your help.

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1 & 2 => can't check right now

3 => as a precaution, take backup of existing database & try using SQL queries like below
PHP Code:
UPDATE `mybb_postsSET `message` = REPLACE (`message`, '<r>'''WHERE `messageLIKE '%<r>%'
PHP Code:
UPDATE `mybb_postsSET `message` = REPLACE (`message`, '<br/>'''WHERE `messageLIKE '%<br/>%'

see also common sql queries guidance
Not Solved
Re: #3 I'll give that a shot, the ol' find and replace in phpMyAdmin Smile

Re: 1/2: Anyone have any ideas why I can't view my own threads?
Not Solved
can you check (have you checked) custom permissions of the user group at the forum management ..

forum admin panel >> forums & posts >> [forum] >> permissions >> [user group] >> set custom permissions
Not Solved
I will not start a new topic, the problem is the same only for me. Guests do not see the forums with the correct settings forum admin panel >> forums & posts >> [forum] >> permissions >> [user group] >> set custom permissions
Help me.. Huh

I removed all my records from the table mybb_forumpermissions.Everything is working.

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