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[Sold | No longer for sale] - Dark general discussion theme
After waiting a month for payment, i have decided to pull out of this deal and put this theme for sale. It's a dark theme created for general discussion and gaming forum.

Desktop  - ( index in case if there isn't any preview in album)
Mobile -

- conversations ( )
- my reported posts
- list of referred members (per user)
- list of reputation comments (and rating) left by user
- responsive layout

Cost: 55 USD (one copy only, the buyer is free to do with the theme whatever he / she wants [no license after purchase])
Payment methods: Paypal or bitcoin

Demo: pm me
A very nice and clean theme to say the least!
Check out all my submissions here - click me
MyBB support at it's finest. 
Please include the index page as well.
Can i have seen a demo page?
@KaSo PM sent, meetdilip index preview added (first post).
Its too expensive. I have interessted.
(09-13-2017, 05:45 PM)KaSo Wrote: Its too expensive. I have interessted.

For that offered sum (via PM) i'll just leave it on my HDD.
When you buy it for low money, you can send me a pm.
responsive theme or not?
Look's like your theme is being leaked and shared to people and now their asking for support which sucks because they haven't bought the theme of you.
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.

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