[For 1.8] Daily Post Goal Progress Bar/Color
(2019-01-06, 01:14 AM)kuttysoft Wrote: https://forum.kuttysoft.com/index.php

i need help sir

Try looking in the index template to place it right.
Also watch out for that theme, he sells it with an obfuscated js file and would not let me check the raw file to see what was in it, so i got a refund and rebuilt the theme from scratch basically.
Or just use Advance sidebox plugin, it works without any core edits or addition of extra code... works for posts/threads/members etc.
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not working with latest dailygoal
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Can you give me a hand with changing the color of the bar when its red. I need it another color
When i activate the plug-in and setup configs it makes a gab between my side box on right and the Forum on the left side normal is 15px or less between but i scale Down the Forum boxes when plug-in is activated pls help

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