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Not Solved [General] Forgot your password.!
Not Solved
(09-13-2017, 04:10 PM).m. Wrote: ^ have you run file verification tool ? if so, what was the report ?

Yes I just ran the error on the avatar.png because I changed the same.

How and in what file do I change the LINK that I send to the email? so I can cite LINK as: resetpassword
Not Solved
^ that needs to be changed in ~/inc/languages/portugues_brasil/messages.lang.php file
it might consist of 2 occurrences of resetsenha ; that can be changed to resetpassword
Not Solved
Sorted out:

To change the LINK in question, search for the file.

inc / languages / your language


Look for the line: 111 and 115 change, resetsenha to resetpassword

Ready problem solved.

The lines were as follows.

111 : {3}/member.php?action=resetpassword&uid={4}&code={5}

115 : {3}/member.php?action=resetpassword

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