Forgotten your password?
My private forum has members who are ultra security conscious

They have noted that when you click "Forgotten your password?" you can determine who are members if you have their e-mail by way inputting the e-mail.  If they are a member, it will return a message that a password reset has been sent; if you are not a user, it returns a message that the "email is not valid"

Is there any way to provide a standard message regardless of if the e-mail is on the system?  So a "if this email is on the system, a password reset has been sent"
You could try "Languages"

I'm not sure which one but my guess would be they are in Configuration > Languages > English (American) > member.lang.php
Thanks sarisisop

I can see your thinking, and that would do for a temporary job (and better than nothing); ideally, I would prefer to see both options go through the same process so there is no way to ID members via their e-mail

However, I can't find the specific text under Languages; can anyone point me to the right location (or preferably a way to achieve the latter in my above sentence)

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