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I have tried to install all three Thanks/Like plugins available from this site. I can install them without a problem, I can activate and configure them without a problem, but no matter what I have tried... none of them appear to have any effect on my forum whatsoever.

If I enable the Reputation system, the forum uses the standard Reputation system.

If I disable it, there's no trace of it on the user interface.
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Do you use default MyBB theme? If not, you have to adjust template changes manually...
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Yes, I am using the default MyBB theme. The only thing I have modified is the colors.
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Quote:If I disable it, there's no trace of it on the user interface.
If you disabled it of course it's going to disappear.

What plugins have you tried? If they're from the Extend site then it's more than likely you're not installing them correctly. Additionally, you may have to edit additional permissions for the plugin to work. I.e allowing usergroups to use the feature.
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These three:

And I installed them following the directions, the same way I've installed all of the plugins that are currently working.

My Likes at least gives me an error message when I click on the link to its settings:

Quote:Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'MybbStuff_SimpleLikes_Import_Manager' not found in /home/faeriegodfather/ Stack trace: #0 /home/faeriegodfather/ require() #1 {main} thrown in /home/faeriegodfather/ on line 22

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