Not Solved Delete button not work
Not Solved
Delete button not working, even in forum section in acp
on template in acp
on theme in acp
on mytabs plugin in acp

on forum sections in acp

i click on it, but nothing happens

is shows the dialog asking for confirm, but after i click on yes, nothing happens

and etc

mybb 1.8.12
php 7.0.23
MySQLi 5.6.37
Not Solved
what is your forum url ? are you using any cache system ?
Not Solved
url: removed

yes, already rebuild the cache, but nothing, i click on delete, popup shows, but not update the page
Not Solved
looks like link to was added to get the support !

anyway, replace below code segment in the general.js file
-			secure: cookieSecureFlag,
+			secure: cookieSecureFlag == true,
secure: cookieSecureFlag == true,

and then check if it helps
Not Solved
Still not working,
could i give u admin login by pm to you check it?

please some one to help me!! thanks

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