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[For 1.8] Emerald - Clean, Multicolor & Responsive Theme
(2018-04-08, 03:51 PM)jason5 Wrote: Thank you for the wonderful responsive theme, can you help me with adding the "View Today's Post" and "View New Posts" in Mobile page. I added it in desktop version.
Support is only on our forums as we said :
[Image: Prez.png]
(2018-04-08, 08:16 PM)AmazOuz Wrote:
(2018-04-08, 03:51 PM)jason5 Wrote: Thank you for the wonderful responsive theme, can you help me with adding the "View Today's Post" and "View New Posts" in Mobile page. I added it in desktop version.
Support is only on our forums as we said :

Oops, i will raise the question there. Thanks!
I posted on the contact us link that in your code on emerald has a few issues that would need to be addressed.

Some of the sections such as the users profile area on posts are not as bad the replies/views/rating aren't set as maximum width and as such a percentage and also grow,

The users .post.classic .post_author style in global.css is set to 30% for example which will mean the users profile box will always be 30% no matter the width which means on a super wide display the box will be quite big on something like 5760 wide.

Here is what I mean below is the theme on my test forum where I set the static width of the box to 200px from 30%
Both forums are the same ultrawide width 5760 over 3 monitors but my one scales better with the change I made with the focus on the post content which should be the fluid container as you can see with the users detail area static.
This doesn't affect the responsiveness of the theme as that still scales properly from my testing.

One could @media tags with over a certain width to set to static but I couldn't get that method to work.
Also one could change the % to rem as I read it can be better in some circumstances than px.
Other elements also have this % growth as mentioned above and this should be looked into as they should be static widths for certain elements like the post_author box and certain columns.

This is something you guys may have overlooked but its just polish like this that makes the theme a bit more professional and mature.

[Image: 3qXsItY.jpg]

Also while I am here in the index template you should change the statistics margin top to the announcement margin bottom.
As you have information for removing the announcement code box by having that margin as top of statistics it creates a offset by having it in the announcement area you can just remove or comment out the code without having the adjust margin values for the statistics box.

There's a bug with the margins at the bottom I outlined a fix here the demo site is using a fixed version of the theme so I cross referenced the css and code in chrome developer tools.

For my own stuff I added the Who's Online and Recent Threads to the sidebar and made it collapsible with the collapsible link in the user and admin controls navbar formatted to those other controls, as well as a couple of polishes for my own needs.

Forum announcement are bugged with the layout seems the developer just didn't make them responsive and the headers are for threads not announcement, I have fixed the layout myself but will need to look at the table header row also and positioning of the announcement subject width on mobile.
Followup to my last poist.

There are soo many bugs and issues with this theme I'm having to try to rewrite parts of it and am questioning if its better to find a different theme.
I chose this as it appeared the most clean and elegant theme I could find but regretting the chose due to the bugs.
  • Various UserCP options missing and a couple were bugged (Fixed that by editing the cp template and comparing diffs to the official templates)
  • UserCP information mobile portrait clipped.
  • Registration mobile portrait clipped as above.
  • Inbox mobile portrait clipped as above.
  • Navbar clips into logo on medium devices.
  • Breadcrumbs clip home logo on the left when it becomes duel line.
  • Welcome bar disabled on desktop (I think is intentional) as the script for that area is for mobile users in the footer. It should be there for easy access to unread PM's and other important information. There was custom code and styling made to be used for a full user-navbar but wasn't used. (I finished and fixed this myself by expanding the code by coding a new user-navbar using the themes native script codes see below)
  • Because of the above you went for a menu beside breadcrumbs for desktop which clips into breadcrumbs, you either need it on a second row above or just enable welcome block for desktop with different options showing (I fixed it as said above)
  • Inline deleted postbit was removed instead of commented (I added it back on my forum)
  • Forum thread info bar was broken on mobile if you had announcements (I fixed it by adding a mobile hide/show media query)
  • As above width of the user profile box is variable which It should have a caped max width to grow to on desktop (I fixed that also by changing it to fixed and using bootstrap responsive to downsize it before the mobile layout)
  • The postbox you only get classic mode and the setting makes no difference would be nice to have modern and classic styling.
I also made some additions which make the theme better.
  • Added sidebars for latest threads as well as moved who's online there.
  • Added a sidebar toggle to collapse and open the sidebar.
  • Made the header sticky (looks great on mobile) but cant work out how to offset the viewpoint on link clicks.
  • Fixed bugs with some styling by comparing to the demo site etc.
  • Coded a new user-navbar will look at making it toggable with a hide button sometime.
I would be happy if anyone here wanted to help me fix and change more stuff for my own site.

As for support on your own forum, from what I can see members need to pay a ongoing subscription fee in order to post and give you bug reports there even for free themes.
I could understand if you had a premium paid theme section that you just wanted members that paid for those themes to use via a theme owners category and a clause for limited free theme support (I have seen this before) but a paid forum where people pay to submit bug reports and get help for free themes is a bit rich.
I can understand you not wanting to support people for free but there's a limit and a fine line between not wanting to provide ongoing free support and tutorials so people can customize the theme and premium ongoing subscription based bug reports and feedback.
Especially on a theme which is clearly buggy and not polished in quite a few areas.

As mentioned I am doing some changes etc and wouldn't mind if people wanted to help out as I'm no theme developer and just trying to do what I can.

Just wanted to share ongoing progress of adding a Welcome box to this theme.
As it's being added manually in the header using existing codes (you know the green line under the blue scrolling graphic and description box that's meant to be a navbar)
So I'm copying the content directly from the templates as it screw up the themes mobile script.
Also using the existing <nav class="headerlist"> in the header template it will only show on desktop sizes without showing on mobiles.
Unfortunately as I'm not using the templates welcome as this theme has it scripted for mobile its showing these links to everyone and cant different between logged in groups but its a initial proof of concept I guess.
I can use any help with this I can get.
(Update: ITS WORKING WOOOO, not to fix up the styling and finish coding it)

This is how it currently looks after a quick implementation working out the codes to use (Note it needs styling still and a dropdown etc)

[Image: rntsmqO.jpg]

I have succedded in creating a welcome bar.
I redid things from scratch from the previous image after learning how to use the themes native script user code.

Guests get Register and login
Members get whats in the screenshot except mod and admin only those groups get there buttons respectively.

I plan to add a Welcome (user) and pm count which shouldn't be too hard.
The navbar follows the themes script code so it works the same as the mobile tag.
I have it positioned above the green line.
It should work with the scrolling graphic and logo box and everything else.
I plan to keep tweaking it as mentioned with post count a dropdown with latest posts and other things as the style needs adjusting to not be soo huge etc, also mby have the navbar toggable to hide and show like I have done with the sidebar.

[Image: mWBApB4.jpg]
Hello !
I am very busy this week as i have final exams so i didn't have time to check and understand all what you've said, but i thank you a lot for your hard work, i liked most things Wink
You can make a pull request on github and edit the xml to the new one you have, so i and other folks can get it
Next week i'll update the theme and improve your version to finalize this theme because i want to do an Emerald v2 this summer with many new stuffs
[Image: Prez.png]
AmazOuz I sent a pm about things.
I looked at github and for me to push just the required changes I don't know how to do that plus the amount of changes between mine and the code is quite a lot even just minor ones like a line-break or div position.
I can provide you a copy of my own exported XML so you can implement the changes and import into a demo site.

As it is I am rewriting parts of the theme and right now changing the sidebar to be collapsible for each box, as I'm rewriting the sidebars completely from scratch.
Also the usercp, registration and inbox aren't responsive on mobile portrait from what I just found.

Would love my code implemented etc but there would be more major rewrites and redesigns in the future to fix, clean and unify more of the code, as the more the fix the more bugs I find to fix and things that were botched, I plan to do like put the bottom footer script guest and member back into the header_welcomeblock templates and just shortlink if connected which I have done with admin and mod as you removed the code for guest and member there and used the script to show it on mobile but then kept mod and admin in the welcome block with a var descriptor.

As you are planning to do some fixes then move on from what I can see this is a long-term project with overhauling this and cleaning up this theme to really polishing it due to the disjointed state its in.
Even the css can get messy with stuff in css3 and extra etc from what I have found.
So I don't know how you want to deal with that given the mess of code I have found.
It may just be better for you to not waste anymore time on this theme and to move on and start work on a brand new theme and scratch this version especially if you don't have time or the want to overhaul the theme with all these changes as there are a lot of bugs and would probably take you way too much time to fix them all its taking me lots myself I've been at things for days straight.

For my own use however me I would be planning to hopfully stick with the theme long-term to completely overhaul it with what I find and new features like a slide out side slider on mobile for profile stuff etc and really fix it up and re-brand it for my own site.

I assume this theme was a initial learning process for you and how to put a theme together from looking at the code.
As for me have a keen logical eye and like neat and coded, commented design and that's what I am looking at with this.
Installed the theme Emerald now on my forum and saw that this had disappeared. If I change the theme to default, it's no problem.

How do you get the sceditor in Emerald?

[Image: GiK0p44.png]

[Image: 2SyFJgo.png]
The option for showing codebox isn't in the usercp template so you'll need to add it yourself.
I faced the same issue.

It's in the template:
User Control Panel Templates \ usercp_options

On line 193 you'll need to add this in make sure you don't have duplicate <tr> tags,
You may already have the source editor check if not this will add that in also.

<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="showcodebuttons" id="showcodebuttons" value="1" {$showcodebuttonscheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="showcodebuttons">{$lang->show_codebuttons}</label></span></td>
<td valign="top" width="1"><input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="sourceeditor" id="sourceeditor" value="1" {$sourcemodecheck} /></td>
<td><span class="smalltext"><label for="sourceeditor">{$lang->source_editor}</label></span></td>

As mentioned I have offered my changed theme to the dev as my code is quite modified from the original and don't know what I would push/pull on git.
I have even added collapsible sidebar boxes on mine now to match the collapsible forum categories.
What a crap. I read a little bit of what you wrote and have already removed this miserable theme.
I have given the developer a copy of my theme as well listed all the bugs I have found with it.
I have also learned quite a few things from reading this entire thread and chatting to the developer.

I have a master list of bugs, improvement and core cleanup ideas to this theme on my own site in my website and feedback section with reasons behind bugs and some ideas on fixing them.

I wanted to chime in and show how I have the theme setup now on my site.

I completely rewrote the sidebar boxes with clean code instead of using row2 for everything with native hide functionality on each one as you can see on the right of each box.
The sidebar is still collapsible as per last image the button is just behind the dropdown that's all.

Since giving the theme to the developer today I put the member code back in the welcome_member template which works great and coded the dropdown on the top menu using the demo w3 code.

Basically just showing how this theme stands on my site now.
As for the responsiveness bugs on mobile most areas are broken in some form even search is broken on mobile with the layout.

[Image: dFVfiJO.png]

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