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[For 1.8] Emerald - Clean, Multicolor & Responsive Theme
hey , if you want i can do this for you , but i need admin access or there is a suggestion for this problem , use media query and hide all that language <td> in mobile version.
The Emerald theme is beautiful. However, the calendar is not appearing as responsive for me on mobile and the date moves one space on desktop versus mobile.

Can someone tell me how to:

1. Make the calendar mobile-friendly (responsive) so that even when I put words on the calendar for events, it will adjust size and the entire calendar can be viewed.

2. Make it so that the event stays on the right date whether on mobile or laptop. For example, if I put an event on the calendar on April 15th, it moves by one day on the mobile version, even if I have the time zone in the forum, event, and user account set to the same time zone. It has to, of course, show at the right date and time.

Please help.


(2020-11-18, 10:38 AM)PARADOXP Wrote: i don't get the forum lastpost in my index page at the right side of forum name ....

how do i get it...?

edit:- solved and improved a lot.... thanks to me 😜😂

Could you tell me how you fixed this as I am having the same issue.  Thanks.
i don't remember properly but there are some div ids or classes ex:- #views , #threads , #replies

in usercp.css that has seted in media query for max-width: 1024px you should remove that line or comment out that line.
Good afternoon everybody! 
I'm currently working on a new update that will be released in some days, fixing some minor issues as well as some improvements, stay tuned Big Grin
[Image: Prez.png]
there is no option to change the theme and language in the footer. Please guide how to enable that.
(2022-08-14, 12:06 PM)mobo12 Wrote: there is no option to change the theme and language in the footer. Please guide how to enable that.

These options are not by default in MyBB on footer, but there are plugins for that & also you can change them in user cp without any plugin
[Image: Prez.png]
Hello everyone!

The 2.1 version has been released Big Grin
Changelog :
Quote:- Latest MyBB version compatibility
- Minor design improvement of thread page
- Minor general design improvement
- Fix of attachements bug
- Fix of ewthread/newreply white text on white background when hovering some BBeditor buttons
- Fix of JS Error in registration form - "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).validate is not a function"
- Fix of MyBB tasks not running correctly
- Latest Font Icons Version v6

Light version of Emerald :
Dark version of Emerald :

(Don't forget to let a star in the theme's MyBB mods page Toungue , also check our premium "Emerald Extended" theme here : )
[Image: Prez.png]

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