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It is very sad that such very useful functionality as recent posts is still missing in MyBB...
I see no reason to show a list with first posts from threads which have 100+ pages,
so IMO todays "portal" page is pretty useless for users, maybe it's somehow useful for
search bots, but that's all.

I also had "recent posts" page in my SMF forum, and that page was one of most popular pages in forum...
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Here is GREAT plugin, which adds recent posts to portal pageAdvanced Sidebox.
It adds ability to show only lasts posts and other useful info, it's even possible to disable default portal content,
just tick all "Portal Settings" to "No" or "none" in your admin "Configuration" (except "Enable Portal", it should be set to "Yes"!)
and delete
		<td width="auto" valign="top">
from asb_begin template and
from asb_end template, which will appear after plugin installation in "Master templates".
After this you'll see only content which is added on page (just add "Recent Posts" module on this page and configure it).
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