[Want To Buy] Redeem Code plugin.
Hello, Im searching for a plugin like this:

What it means is like, when people do a Payment to buy an upgraded package, they get a code after the check out.
The code will be send to the email of the user. He can enter the code in this form: https://i.imgur.com/sUMnkwJ.png
And his Usergroup will be updated to the package he bought.

Maybe it's possible to let it send a PM aswell? Like he entered the code. Clicked Redeem, the usergroup changed.
And he get a PM like.
Dear Kees,
Thanks for your upgrade etc etc etc.

I want to pay for this plugin if it isn't free. I saw a few MyBB forums with this so i think it's possible.
If it doesn't exists.. Please leave me a message if you think you can make this for me!

Thanks in advance  Big Grin
Still looking for this!
Im willing to pay Smile
Upgrade Code - Redeem System for Membership

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