Solved: 4 Years ago member.php Catchable Fatal Error (4096)
Solved: 4 Years ago Sad 
Hi I keep geting this error. i changed the Cpatcha thing and still nothing help please\
Lastes Version

Also I havent removed any branding it is at the bottom

I got it fixed

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Solved: 4 Years ago
two ways to fix this,

reuplaod a fresh copy of members.php

or try this, and I'm quoting an answer from someone I read

"check member.php line 741, it's probably the member_register template eval'd there

check the template line 44

or just revert the template in question if you changed it

the error is quite specific (gives line numbers and everything) you just have to follow it up

wild guess: your member_register template says {$captcha} when it should be {$hiddencaptcha}"

found here:
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