Not Solved Just a couple of questions
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No problems. Just have a couple of questions, could not find anything related.

1. is updating/upgrading to newer versions hard, easy.

2. will edits to templates and languages be reverted to original after a update/upgrade, I usually edit these extensively to fit my needs.

Thank you
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1. Relatively easy. Detailed documentation can be found here:

2. Templates, no. I wouldn't recommend making changes to the default templates though, that may be problematic. Language files, yes, depending on the type of upgrade (changed files package or full package), and depending on if the language file you modified needs to be updated. You should take note of any changes you make to core files, such as the default English language pack. Other language packs won't be touched when you upgrade, but you should certainly upgrade other language packs as soon as they become available.
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I change the templates to make more sense, at least to me.

Edit the language part to bring some consistency to it. Certain parts that annoy the hell out of me.

All done within Admin area.

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