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Current 1.x series: Maintenance and compatible improvements
13 9.09%
Current 1.x series: Improved compatible theme
14 9.79%
Current 1.x series: New theme system with Twig templates
23 16.08%
Current 1.x series: UX feature improvements
23 16.08%
Current 1.x series: strategic 1.x updates to bridge structural changes
29 20.28%
Rewritten 2.x series: parallel 2.0 development
23 16.08%
Rewritten 2.x series: switching to full 1.x refactoring
18 12.59%
Total 143 vote(s) 100%
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MyBB 1.x & 2.x Development RFC
(2017-12-14, 12:09 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2017-11-04, 01:17 PM)marcgo15 Wrote: Long time MyBB user here, I've been using the software since before it was even a stable 1.0. I remember when MyBB was seen as the vBulletin of the free forum world (and in ways it still is) but it's age is really showing as the devs pointed out so it needs a major overhaul. I really want to see some changes happen with MyBB in 2018. Next year needs to be about seeing some kind of change here.

I agree a full rewrite is needed but the current way isn't working. I feel we should move in a direction of upgrading 1.8 over time to become what 2.0 was originally going to be over a series of releases. I don't think the community can last waiting another year or more on waiting for full rewrite to get released without seeing the progress being made. We've been talking about 2.0 since 1.6 was released. So I support upgrading/rewriting sections over time. I think this way more progress can be made.

Drop the 1.x name altogether. 1.x has been around 15 years now, it's time to move on to better things but over a period of time.

I have one request from the dev team. Please keep the communication open, this was a great step forward in the right direction. I can tell you all have the same end goal in mind, a full rewrite. Lets see this team complete this task and move MyBB to the top spot again. I know you guys can do it Smile!

I do agree with this statement...

For now the MyBB Team needs to work on improving the current 1.8.xx series in preparation for 2.0.

Forget that 1.10 idea... what's the point of it?
I mean... you can easily call it 1.8.20. It's just a versioning thing. That's all...
What you're planning for 1.10 or whatever... put it into a later iteration of the 1.8.xx series. (i.e. 1.8.20)
Don't be mucking around wasting time on versioning. That's a minor thing.
You're not really doing a complete overhaul of the code.

Dang it... you can easily version the 1.8.xx series all the way up to 1.8.99 if the need arises.

Hopefully, it won't get that high, but my point is... there's plenty of room to update/upgrade the 1.8.xx series that going to 1.10 series is pointless.


Directly quoting Paradigm:
  • Composer
  • File-based template(Preferably twig templating)
  • Routing(With Controllers?)
  • An ORM(Eloquent/Doctrine)
  • If not an ORM then a database class that utilizes PDO
  • Make the minimum PHP version requirement PHP7.0
  • Since we're moving towards more frontend driven development may be more of an API approach?
All or any of them can be easily implemented into the 1.8.xx series of updates/upgrades. No need to jump into 1.10 series for these kinds of features.

This EDIT is to clarify why I am against jumping to the 1.10 series.

The whole idea of a sane versioning scheme is that minor point releases (eg: 1.8.13 -> 1.8.14) don't break backwards compatibility. Changing PHP version requirements and implementing an ORM, etc. will definitely break backwards compatibility, so making those changes in a minor point release make 0 sense whatsoever.

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