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Hello everyone 

on our forum when u want tpost thread we was able to add colors and change size and all the editor was works good sames as the snap shot here for example.
[Image: Atb06g9.png]

but since the last week this page has changed a lot without anyone touch it . here is snap shot for how it looks like now 

[Image: aBT0L7j.png]

can some  one tell me how i can fix it please 

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Strange, there must be an event causing this issue.. couldn't you think of one?

In the meanwhile you could be helped by installing the following plugin: , it will give you you're wysiwyg editor back in place along with it's features to edit text easily. it is even an upgraded version of the normal, standard built in editor, allowing you to autosave text before posting posts/ threads.
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Admin CP > Templates & Style > Your Theme > Editor Style * > Select Default
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