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looking for parnter for a different project. (Not paid yet)
Hello im looking for someone who is willing to put time and effort into a project of mine.
Its a forum toplist where people can vote for the best forum in a category.
I'm currently on the early stages of releasing it and would like help in the following categorys.

  1. SEO - Search engine Optimization 
  2. Mybb Plugin Creation.
  3. Writer - Content creator
If you can do all three listed above i would really appreciate it, if you joined my team as a partner.
Having knowledge on SEO would be a major plus but not required. I'm looking mainly for a forum expert who can
advise and advertise and contribute to the project.

Some information about my website.....
You can implement RSS feed from forums onto your listing.
You can see stats
You can vote for the same forum once every 24 hours.
Anti cheat gateway.
Toplist reset time
Call back feature (Why i need someone good who can create a mybb plugin for my project.)
Premium member section Sidebar/Footer
7,000 twitter followers.
And much more

Thanks for reading,
God bless 

Email: [email protected]
You recived my offer via email.
Paid support or developement:
All other:

[Image: EbbMWfN.png]

I replied to your email, hope to do business with you soon!

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