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Sticky Thread Icon
Hello I'm wondering how can I display sticky threads like this with sticky fa icon of course..

I have removed sticky sep where it says Important Threads & Normal Threads that has been removed now whenever I sticky a thread of course it doesn't show sticky fa icon so I'd like to know how would I be able to doing that?

Bump anybody please?
try this one

Edit Template: forumdisplay_sticky_sep

<td class="trow_sticky" colspan="{$colspan}"><i class="fa fa-thumb-tack fa-fw"></i> {$lang->sticky_threads}</span></td>
[Image: mybbsig.php]

That doesn't show the sticky icon here...
Look at the picture where it shows my thread title and the icon I need the icon to show it there not in the forumdisplay_sticky_sep.. Reason why I'm trying to do this is just so I can remove sticky_sep forumdisplay.
Bump.. anybody?
Bumping again anybody?
It would be similar if you don't want to edit the sprite.
Customizing your forum icons can be done using a little CSS and custom images. Here is the CSS: 


/* start custom forum icons */
/* forum icon for forums with old posts */
.forum-list-container .forum-item .cell-forum .icon {
background: transparent url("http://mywebsite/images/old.gif") no-repeat;  
width: 16px; /* icon width */
height: 15px; /* icon height */

/* forum icon for forums with new posts */
.forum-list-container .cell-forum .icon {
background: transparent url("http://mywebsite/images/new.gif") no-repeat
width: 16px; /* icon width */
height: 15px; /* icon height */
/* end custom forum icons */
Nevermind I figured it out lol and it was for a light theme I was developing, but I figured it looks way better on dark themes.
good then
can u show us how???
ive tried in localhost to do that and wasnt able lool
im intriged Smile

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