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Not Solved Login Issues
Not Solved
Hi all, I recently installed MyBB forums on my site. One slight hitch... I cant login at all...

I tried going to /admin to login, once I got there I couldn't go to any other categories as they required me to login - which it wouldn't allow me to do.

Points to note:
  • Fresh Install
  • No error messages
  • Can't login at all (bar the admin panel original login)
If someone can help, it'd be appreciated
Not Solved
forum url is required so that someone can check the cookie settings. see faq: login
Not Solved
See :

Use this tool to see what your cookies need to be :

If you can't login to your admin CP to edit the cookies go to

inc/settings.php first and edit them and then you can log into the ACP.

If you need anymore support please reply.
Not Solved
Cheers for the info, I'm unable to access though (not found)

The same goes for
Not Solved
(10-09-2017, 06:03 PM)J. Adams Wrote: Cheers for the info, I'm unable to access though (not found)

The same goes for

No. You access it from your forum root files with a FTP client or your file manager in your cPanel then go to inc (folder) and find settings.php (file).
Not Solved
Edit the cookie path and domain to the correct info via the database (mybb_settings table) and then delete the inc/settings.php file. The settings file will regenerate and you'll be able to login.
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Not Solved
Ah, I get you

Cheers gents, working now

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