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[For 1.8] MyHub (GitHub styled theme)
Lightweight GitHub like styled theme.

Sidebar with latest threads
Social buttons
Custom Index/forumdisplay/showthread/profiles
Font awesome icons
Stacked fonts
Text Logo

[Image: uit.png]


Quote:Social buttons can be edited in Templates > MyHub > Navigation Templates > Nav

Logo can be edited in  Templates > MyHub > Header Templates > Header


Report any bugs you come across here.

[Image: sig2.jpg]
Nice theme, I hope you will keep this up to date Smile.

So far this one looks best.
I've been waiting for this theme to be approved :-D

Looks fantastic!
Very nice work iAndrew Smile
Good work as always
Very nice looking team great job!
Would you make it responsive ^_^
[Image: zHM1U.png]
Astonishing theme, well done @iAndrew outstanding work as always.

(2018-04-13, 02:03 PM)K|nG Wrote: Would you make it responsive ^_^

If i am right then @iAndrew always have responsive version ready for a small fee, you can contact him directly about this on
[Image: cafaf18ba2.gif]
FileSquid is under development
[Image: trk1]
Nice one andrew always loved your work bro. Smile
A dark version would be nice Wink
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.
I really like it looks very neat and fast. Good job sir!
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I'm having a serious issue with this theme, which doesn't happen on any other themes on my forum. When using "full edit" to edit posts that aren't the first post in the thread, that post suddenly goes to the top of the thread. It cannot be deleted. Trying to delete it will delete the actual first post.

I suspected it might be an issue with Rin editor (SCedit), but it occurs with that plugin disabled as well.

Edit: After another round of debugging, I've narrowed this down to an error with OUGC Admin Post Edit. Disabled and re-enabling that plugin fixed the issue.

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