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Not Solved Minimum Post Notification
Not Solved

I was wondering if there is any plugin out there that can give a user a message when they are posting a new reply/thread if they have less than x posts.

A message like this:

"Please make sure what you are posting isn't spam. You will not be able to post links, images, videos, and resources until you have more than 8 posts. This message will remove when you have more than 8 posts."

Help or suggestions on how to code something like this is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Not Solved
PHP conditionals would do the trick
Not Solved
(10-12-2017, 08:42 PM)Noahh Wrote: PHP conditionals would do the trick

Wow! I did not know that was apart of myBB. It's pretty easy to do it. Thank you!

So, I'm kinda new to PHP but I do know how conditionals work, here's a code I've whipped up:

$posts = ($mybb->user['posts']);
if($posts > 16))
else {

I'd like to know if this is right and were I would put this?

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