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Please tell me which theme is this?
Hello community!  I would really want you to help me out and tell me which theme is this site using:

And for mybb staff please fix this in the registration:
[Image: hbdoOdo.png]
referred forum is not run by MyBB. we have no clue about its theme.
Oh well, sorry then..
As for the security question, remember that a dumb computer compares user input against a set of acceptable answers as indicated by the forum administration. I would assume that a Yes / No question wants either "yes" or "no"; there are too many other iterations to list them all. Also take into consideration that any punctuation afterwards is NOT ignored.
First I thought It wasn't even a MyBB Forum but after checking their source it look's like it is a MyBB forum software their using but the theme is under development I'm pretty sure and it's custom.
I thought it is PHPBB at first but nonetheless which forum software is it, you can get custom theme like these for sure.
Use this section for requests :-


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