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I have a really strange issue that only effects some members.  It is also intermittent - seems to come and go at random

The HTML code is showing in posts?  Switching to source doesn't solve the issue

Any help, please?

I'm using the "Flatty Template"


[Image: BvAlUnC.png]

It doesn't seem to effect "Quick Edit"
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We do not allow HTML in posts by default (it is a security head-ache); instead, your users should use BB Code (or more correctly, the MyCode dialect of BB Code).
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MyBB doesn’t allow HTML in post by default only BBCode / MyCode. It’s a security risk to allow HTML.

I see you are trying to use <br /> just press enter it works and no need for <p></p> tags.

You can enable it in the forum options.

Admin CP -> Forums & Post -> * Your Forum * -> Edit Forum Settings

Check the box to allow HTML in post and save.

We do NOT recommend using HTML in post.

If you need anymore help please reply.
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I think you guys are misunderstanding the issue. I think OP is saying that in the advanced editor, HTML is showing up rather than formatted representations of the post or bb code.

Is that right, NotAdmin?
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That is correct - the HTML (or any code it would seem) is appearing but is unwanted

It really is strange - it is very intermittent, covers all browsers and doesn't seem to be affected by any of the plugins I use

It is a real issue because my members will construct long posts and they may come out as a messy block of text with code (not just HTML/ CSS code, but also what I think is teh myBB code (such as <list><*> </*></list>.

It also occurs when you switch between source and WYSIWYG while in teh editor (not always as the problem is sporadic). So you can construct some text, switch to source and teh code appear, and then switch back to the WYSIWYG and the code remains

It's really wired, but is also a big problem - help very much appreciated

OK - It turns out the issue is with teh CKEditor. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix it?
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This should be in the theme support section just so the theme creator can support you further with this.
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.
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I don't think it is an issue with the theme; I think it is an issue with CKEditor - I have just tried a different theme, and the issue is still present. The default editor doesn't have the same issues (and we need tables, hence the reason for using the CK EDITOR)

I could really appreciate some help here, please; it is only a problem with the full editor (not the quick editor) and is strangely intermittent
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Maybe its help you if you ask the author of the editor in the plugin post for ckeditor
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We have the same or similar problem and I have no idea how to fix it.
The forum is newly created (1.8.22), we moved users and posts from another forum. We use the default template. Only 2 plugins are installed (Cookie Law and View Unread Posts).
The problem occurs randomly for some users. They say that they write a post which looks fine in an editor (they don't format the text or paste the text from another editor) but when they click "Post reply" the html/MyCode code appears in a post (e.g. [color=red][/ color]).
The html is not allowed in posts, only basic MyCode is allowed (no colors, no font or font size changing, no text alignment).
I tried to google the solution but I haven't found anything. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

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