Not Solved [Error Message] Error message in Plugin Update Page
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Hello guys,

I'm getting a error in the Plugin Update Page.

Shows up in the header, pasting for you guys:

Warning [2] curl_setopt_array(): Array keys must be CURLOPT constants or equivalent integer values - Line: 6889 - File: inc/functions.php PHP 5.5.38 (Linux)
File 	Line 	Function
[PHP] 	  	errorHandler->error
/inc/functions.php 	6889 	curl_setopt_array
/admin/modules/config/plugins.php 	248 	fetch_remote_file
/admin/index.php 	821 	require

I don't know what i have to do to fix this.
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Can you run the file check from your acp to make sure your files are in original shape? and wich version of mybb are you running?
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Hello, thanks for your reply.

After clicking on File Cheking and clicking "Yes" i have this on header:

[PHP] 	  	errorHandler->error
/inc/functions.php 	6889 	curl_setopt_array
/admin/modules/tools/file_verification.php 	39 	fetch_remote_file
/admin/index.php 	821 	require

And the file checking get me a LOT of corrupt files. I know, MAYBE i changed one or other, but this much is very strange... Look that:

report.php 	Changed
polls.php 	Changed
search.php 	Changed
forumdisplay.php 	Changed
usercp2.php 	Changed
newreply.php 	Changed
stats.php 	Changed
index.php 	Changed
inc/functions.php 	Changed
warnings.php 	Changed
contact.php 	Changed
editpost.php 	Changed
attachment.php 	Changed
private.php 	Changed
printthread.php 	Changed
memberlist.php 	Changed
portal.php 	Changed
showthread.php 	Changed
captcha.php 	Changed
calendar.php 	Changed
xmlhttp.php 	Changed
reputation.php 	Changed
global.php 	Changed
online.php 	Changed
misc.php 	Changed
newthread.php 	Changed
managegroup.php 	Changed
showteam.php 	Changed

I think this happened after my update to 1.8.11. I'm still on this version.

Time for a full upgrade now?
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maybe check for a full upgrade or reinstall and then migrate, there are much changes.
But dont forget to make backups!
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