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1.8 We need a better WYSIWYG text editor.
Hi guys,

Sorry for the trouble, but...

We need ASAP a new text editor for MyBB. Like the one on Wordpress, it's very good.

What we are using today is old, slow, clumsy, and get a lot of bugs when formatting and styling a big post.

The sourcecode editor gets all confused just by itself.

And the plugins available... They are heavy like hell (already tested) and the devs don't give any support. That's sad.

And i think we can't wait for MyBB 2.0 for a new text editor. This is one of the main functions of a Forum system and must be the top priority.

If the text editor for 2.0 is ready, i think would be a great idea release him for 1.8 systems.

All Forum owners would appreciate.

Thanks again and keep the good work.
We haven't decided on a text editor for 2.0. The problem is that there are many choices available, and most have a downside (or cost money).

The current version of SCEditor isn't amazing, but there is an updated version being released fairly soon which should fix many of the bugs that we've seen so far. When that is released, MyBB will update to it.
Hi Euan T!!

That's great news!! Thanks for your reply... I'm almost considered changing MyBB system because of this. I'm getting some complaining in my Forum because the outdated text editor.

In my opinion, we don't need a amazing text editor. We need a simple and functional one with the basics features like we have today.

And can i give a tip about the choice for 2.0?

Why you dev guys present all (possible) choices in a new thread, showing the good and bad sides and let this fine community vote, and with this, you guys can make a better decision.

Keep the good work!
^ I agree with palhanow you guys should put all the possible choices in a thread with the good and bad/downside and let the community decide.
All the possible choices is quite a long list Wink, but we're certainly listening to feedback. We currently have an issue open on GitHub discussing this:
quill is quite nice. Shade mentioned them in his comment on github.
I like this both:

Fully markdown support and easy to customize.
Paid support or developement:
All other:

[Image: EbbMWfN.png]


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