Not Solved Problems with Rating thread
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Hi recently I edited the unregistered user permissions in  my board and tried to enable guests to post replies. But It didn't work for some reason. But since then while checking 
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I found a number of my visitors are 'rating thread', almost 25% of the visitors are doing that , from suspicious locations all over the world. Thought its some bot attack, I removed all the custom permissions from the CP, still this phenomenon continued.

At last I disabled the rating thread option from CP, still I can see a number of persons are doing that... All are guests, not registered members

Please tell me how can I prevent that ?
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bots try to access all visible links on a web page.
if guests group has no permission to use the thread rating then
though they appear to be using rating system, actually they get a no permission message
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Thanks m for the reply

So you mean it makes no harm ?

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