Not Solved Need help with error
Not Solved
Mybb version - 1.8.3
Php - 5.6.31
Sql - MySQLi 10.0.31

Hello when I click on reply or create a new thread an error message is been thrown from the sql. 

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1054 - Unknown column 's.subscriptionkey' in 'field list'Query:SELECT u.username,, u.uid, u.language, u.loginkey, u.salt, u.regdate, s.subscriptionkey, s.notification FROM mybb_threadsubscriptions s LEFT JOIN mybb_users u ON (u.uid=s.uid) WHERE (s.notification='1' OR s.notification='2') AND s.tid='134' AND s.uid != '28' AND u.lastactive>'1509310685'

if anyone can help me out to fix it, as it throws the error but when I refresh the page it does the post/ reply. Second problem I found was in Admin CP when some one regester to website we activate their account manually so problem there I am facing is once I activate it the activation required field still keeps showing the number to remove it everytime I have to go tools and mantanace and rebuild all the cache. Everything started happening randomly 2 days ago I have not added any new plugins or so in this times.
Not Solved
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