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Not Solved Upgrade Fail? Stopped/Stalled at Updating Database (1.6.6 to 1.8.13)
Not Solved
Hi, it's been a long time since I last posted and asked for help for my forum. I just recently decided to upgrade to the newest version and it was moving ok. My question is, how long does it take for the whole upgrade process to finish? It's been more than an hour already and it seems my upgrade has been stuck to Updating Database (see first attachment). When I clicked on my site using my other laptop, I see a MyBB Error 43 (see 2nd attachment).

Should I stay and wait for the process to finish or has the installation process stopped already?

I backed up my file on my computer and the zipped file says it has a 274MB. Does having that size influence speed of the Updating Database process?

Thank you very much for the help extended.

Additional Info, when I backed up my file on my computer, it took me some time to finish the 274MB zipped file probably more than an hour also. My internet connection is not that fast here. Thanks again. Old version was 1.6.6

Don't know what to do Sad

Upgrade still not moving.

Please help Sad

Still the same after 12 hours Sad
I already requested my host to restore using a backup, I gave up waiting. Upgrading is really very stressful indeed. I wish someone could have done it for me.

I just go from Error 43 to Error 42 and vice versa, oh my

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Not Solved
totally lost my forum after the upgrade, I only have my back up from my PC which I downloaded first before the upgrade but I don't know how to use it and re-upload it back

it was a big board
Not Solved
do you have recent database backup ? if so what is its size ?
Not Solved
i backed it up, about 274MB...I think it was an error log and core.xxxx files that were making the load heavy I think

the back up or sql back up file I was able to download to my PC and I reuploaded to my server as requested by my host's tech, I requested them to use it to return my site once more....then after 24 hours when I woke up I saw that the install process had moved so I tried to finish it...then when it finished, awala...a fresh install

you can see it here right now

I have to admit it though, I'm liking it, this new version, this was how I felt when I first used my very first MyBB, I actually loved it
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though not sure when I can check it,
would you like to PM me database backup link & access to your web host panel to check ...
Not Solved
PM sent
Not Solved

.m. is having problems running your upgrade, could you possibly send your database backup to me to have a go at running the upgrade?
Not Solved
Hello Euan T, sent you pm

Should I close the new freshly installed site? It has become active as I have a lot of members in the old forum.

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