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Denied Support
(Today, 02:05 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote:
(Today, 12:33 AM)snakeoilos Wrote: 2. People who have been denied support should be given a chance of repreive. e.g. if the user removed the credits and was denied support.

I'm led to believe this is the case.

This is fine, although the denied support badge should also be linked to the SEP. I suspect many people don't even know why they're being labelled, because there is no direct link to the SEP from the forums. What this team is doing is they are labelling members guilty of:

    Hacking (includes "leaks")
    Illegal file distribution or piracy
    Illegal use of electronic assets, including but not limited to violation of theme licensing (e.g. removing author name from footer)
    Any other forms of illegal activity
    Racist or hateful content
    Discussions that encourage, promote or demonstrate methods of producing, consuming, using, cultivating, buying, selling, distributing or supplying drugs that could reasonably be considered illegal

and subsequently removing the badge. Well this forum is what it is now, a forum where every 2nd post is from a troll, and the only people interested in contributing are hackers or people who are otherwise engaged in unethical behaviour.
What goes around comes around

This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
@snakeoilos response, This is exactly the problem. He's new here and as you can see he has a slanted view of the denied tag. Not only is he biased towards those with the tag but what about if he asked for help and I replied to assist but my tag made him disregard my help? And that's happened to me a few times. I'd reply to someone with a question about MyBB and they would PM me asking why I have the tag. That puts me into an awkward and embarassing situation. I shouldn't have to explain why I have a scarlet letter on my account. A reason I stayed away from MyBB community for years.

Quote:3. Personally I don't want to use a piece of software that's tied to or associated with illegal stuff.

MyBB can't prevent who uses their software and there are already plenty of questionable sites that use MyBB. So are you going to change software now that you know this?

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