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Not Solved Problem quoting Guests, problem with Guest usergroup...
Not Solved
The Forum:

Recently upgraded from 1.8.12 to 1.8.13.

The Issue Is: 

When unregistered posters don't enter a username on their post, the default username "Guest" is assigned ("Guest" is the Title I've assigned to the default usergroup for unregistered posters).

The Quote feature is leaving the username of default name Guest posts blank... there is nothing between the quotation marks (screencap:

Quoting default name Guest works using Quick Reply form (screencap:, but does not work if the full Reply page is used.

Screencap of Quick Reply form showing the lack of a username between the quotations:

Screencap of full Reply page showing there is no username displayed on default username Guest quote:

And this is what quoted default username Guest posts look like when submitted via the full Reply page:

The Issue Isn't:

When unregistered posters enter a username in the field, quoting them works from both Quick Reply, and the full Reply page. For example, here are screencaps where I've manually entered "Guest" as a username:

But Wait, There's More!

I have tried to change the Title (default username) of the Unregistered usergroup to anything other than Guest. The change does not apply to new default username Guest posts... they still show "Guest" as the username.

This leads me to believe that somehow the issue is with the Unregistered usergroup.

A tad confusing... (((Sarcasm))) 

Any ideas?

So I have another installation of MyBB on a site I never use. It was version 1.8.10. I tested the quoting feature and changing the name of the Guest usergroup to be sure it worked properly.

Then I upgraded to 1.8.13.

It now has the exact issues my forum is experiencing.
Not Solved
The issue was not fixed in 1.8.14.

I set up MyBB forums for people who want to start their own boards, and it's still broken on every single one I've installed.

I can't understand how no one has addressed this and now I am wondering if there could be any major security risks posed by whatever underlying issue is causing this.
Not Solved
this reply can be helpful (has link to German support forum).
Not Solved
Thanks, .m., I will be testing this out as a fix on a test install.

Indeed, it does fix the quoting problem.

However, the issue with the Guest usergroup as a whole still remains. The inability to change the name of the usergroup is still an issue.

That fix is useful for the cosmetic problems that manifest as result of this bug, however the underlying problem with the Guest usergroup still remains.

It does concern me and I do hope that this gets looked into. If one wanted to change the name of the Guest usergroup to anything other than "Guest", they would be unable to and this represents a deeper problem than the quoting issue.

Many thanks to anyone who does look into this and solve this problem. I'm rooting for you.

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