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1.10 Deprecated Features
(2017-12-05, 09:02 AM)kawaii Wrote:
(2017-12-05, 02:03 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: I think Archive should stay, and be used for Search Engines.

I'm fairly sure the archive does more harm than good with regards to SEO, no? I'm pretty sure it violates the 'duplicate content' guidelines laid out by Google. At least that is the impression that I have been given over time here.

The opposite is true. Search engines prefer presenting this version because of the page load times and there's no big pics to download.
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I think we should keep the email user feature. I would like my users to be able to send email to each other opposed to private messages. It's already possible to disable if you are worried about spam.
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  • portal.php - nope, there are a lot of users who has this as primary page
  • calendar.php (mentioned already) - not at least till 2.0 because if someone use it already it would be hard to remove that feature. Maybe replace by some offical plugin at least.
  • printthread.php - maybe, I'm not sure how many users use that...
  • rss.php and syndication.php - agree (my opinion)
  • sendthread.php (replaced with social media buttons?) - Totally Agree
  • showteam.php (merged into memberlist.php with query string) - I think that this is useful for some forums which have this page different than normal memberlist but I'm not really sure...
  • member.php?action=emailuser (only used by spammers) - Maybe, not sure, but in global yes.
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Something to keep in mind is that Discourse recently added a print thread feature due to popular demand.
They put a lot of work into that thing.

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