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Not Solved I want a mobile version of my site
Not Solved
Please, am new to mybb. Themes are mostly not responsive to mobile. I want to know how possible I can get a mobile site.

Reply on this will be much appreciated.
Not Solved
Unfortunately there are not many free mobile friendly or responsive themes for MyBB. This is mostly due to the complexity and difficulty presented when working with the MyBB template system. You might be able to find a reasonably cheap premium theme here though:
Not Solved

You can find some free themes here:

Also, you can find there some responsive themes, like this one:

Here you have theme installation guide if you need:
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If you are looking for a cheap theme, give Orange MyBB theme a try
Not Solved
or maybe using mybb gomobile plugin

i modified this plugin theme up to like in my forum (look in my signature)

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