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I am planning to open a new forum for first responders in Sweden and now i am looking for the perfect forum software.

At first sight, i really like this forum!

To be a member of my forum, the user must prove that they are the first respondents. So i do not want anyone to register an account without my approval.

Preferably, i want the person who wants to enter the forum to send me an email with my information and then i will create the account.

Once the account is complete, the member can log in to change the password and other information in his profile.

Is there any such (or similar) setting?

Greetings from Sweden  Big Grin
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Hi frehel and welcome Big Grin

If I understood your question, I think simplest way to do that will be next:

When you install your forum and while you are setting it, in settings you can choose option that all user accounts must be activated by Administrator (That's done by going to Admin CP -> Configuration -> Settings -> Login and Registration options and change Registration Method to "Administrator Activation")

Next you should go make new field which should be filled by user at registration (That's done in Admin CP -> Configuration -> Custom Profile Fields -> Add New Profile Field. Than title and short description where you write what you are asking of them, field type should be textarea if you need some text, and check options "Requiered" and "Show on Registration".

Than when you see new user, you can check what is written under that field in their profile and choose to activate their account and allow them to access forum or not.

Hope this helps Smile


Also, you can do it manually as you stated, someone sends you e-mail, you create account with their mail, username and some random password and send them details. Then they log in and change password. That can be done at any forum software on that way, manual, but you will need to check mails all the time and all, I think this my suggestion would be easier for you Smile

Also, just to be clear I think most of forum softwares have option which I suggested now, and it is your decision which to choose based on it's functions, support and your needs. But in my opinion (talking in my name) I would choose MyBB at any time. I used a lot of softwares and this one is best for me by it's simplicy of use and everything. But however I would suggest you to try few of them and choose which suites your needs most Smile

Good luck
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Your answer helped a lot, thank you!

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