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Not Solved [How To?] Problem with the mailing system.
Not Solved
Best regard.

I have a problem with the subsystem of mailing. I tried to configure an email with my own domain in zohomail, but it did not work for me, so I left it with phpMail, but now it does not send me activation emails with phpmail.

Any idea, please, about where I can verify so that you can send me emails again ?.

Thank you very much.

Not Solved
I don't get it where is the problem? MyBB doesn't sending mail? or you can't receive mails in your mailbox its kinda confusing if you want to setup a proper mail management your requirement is proper smtp and imap/pop installation. Or you are not able to send mails through phpmail() then please share the mail log from MyBB ACP.
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FileSquid is under development
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Not Solved
Hi, please see this post:

For ZoHo in particular, you need to make sure that the username, and sender email settings are exactly the same as the settings that ZoHo tell you to use.
Not Solved
problem solved.

Thank you

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