Not Solved Spamming multi who keeps returning - uses an exploit
Not Solved
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)][Image: onYoeqjWR4OSk36yIdMFwA.png]

1. He uses an exploit or smth to create blue username.
2. I set the settings to NOT show unactivated users in member list (and both these accs are awaiting activation)

2 days ago he was spamming my forums like crazy btw, so I had to set severe settings and restrictions.
He then made several accounts with exact same username as me, the admin, and even once with no username at all.

[Image: ssRLQdofRv23xMxnnE6VxQ.png]

UPDATE: He disappears from the online member list only when I Hide the specific member from the Who's Online list, but all non-activated users should not be shown in the online member list, which I did set so in the settings.
Not Solved
What version of MyBB are you on? And you should start banning disposable email services like yopmail.

He's likely just using hidden characters for usernames which only make it appear to have your username.

I use my own plugin to restrict username characters for non-upgraded and new members. This prevents that abuse very easily.

Try this plugin. It should work similarly.

EDIT: Oh also I see that you mention it's a blue username so I assume it's an upgrade group. Do you run any plugins that interfere with usernames? I see stars next to a couple. The plugin might have an exploit but as far as I know MyBB default has no exploit for this type of action.

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