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Not Solved [How To?] Make the 'New Reply' button scroll down to the 'Quick Reply' text area.
Not Solved

I'm curious if there's any tutorial out there already (and if not, someone could give me a quick rundown on how to) that would tell me how to change the 'New Reply' button in 'showthread.php' to scroll the page down to the Quick Reply area instead of taking me to a whole new page, like the "Preview Post" button.

I'm assuming it's just a matter of setting an ID to the 'Quick Reply' text area and linking it to the 'New Reply' button with some javascript. I've just never given it an attempt before. So help would be great, thank you!
Not Solved
I think it change by templates.
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Not Solved
Well, yes. I'm 100% sure I'll have to change the 'showthread_newreply' & 'showthread_quickreply' template. It's just a matter of what I need to add to it, to get the desired effect.

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