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Not Solved Images become links when posted+cant edit posts
Not Solved
Whenever I try to post my siggy it will turn out being like []
This happens to every image I see on the forum, but others say they can see my signature just fine.
This happened out of the blue cause it was working fine, and then all of a sudden all images turn to links

I also have an issue where I cannot edit my new threads or copy and paste any type of image
I will select paste, but the image i tried pasting from my clipboard just does not show up.
(This only seems to happen on a certain forum because I can see images and edit my thread just fine here)
What could be causing this?
Not Solved
for the first issue check the options at your user control panel [eg. see here]
Quote:Thread View Options
* Display images in posts.
* Display videos in posts.
* Display users' signatures in their posts.

IIRC, images pasted through computer clipboard do not appear in posts on forum
Not Solved
the image problem seems to be an issue with chrome, I went onto the forum with mozilla and it worked fine.
however, I still cannot edit posts at all, I will click "Edit this post" and it will only allow me to click quick edit instead of full
It will let me change things like the post icon, but wont let me add images or smileys at all
[Edit:]the image problem now happens to mozilla..
Not Solved
provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check it

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