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Discord Roles to MyBB User Groups

I'm looking for someone that could (if possible) set up a way for my community's Discord roles to link to my forum's user groups.

For example, one of our staff members just got promoted.
We assign them the "Moderator" role on Discord, and the bot will automatically assign them to the "Server Moderator" role on the forums. 

I'm currently using Flyover, with only Discord & Steam enabled. So I don't know if it'd be possible, but I'd pretty much want it to where, if they signed in/linked their account through Discord, the system would already have their Discord username, to prevent any needs of a custom profile field that could be abused simply by putting a different user's name there.

If this isn't possible (I'm not sure if MyBB allows user groups to be automatically assigned) then let me know! 

If it is possible, send me a PM if you're interested!

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