Not Solved Comcast email addr not vaid on register
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V1.8.13 on Hosting24.

I had one user (so far that I know of) who tried to register with a Comcast email address. He was told the email address was not valid.

I manually added him but that seem the wrong way to go about it.

Why is Comcast (or anyone for that matter) rejected at register?

T o my knowledge I have not changed any pf the default registration settings.
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There is no default blocking by email host. As long as the email address looks like a valid address, it should be allowed by the default settings. Did you get the email address of the user who was trying to register? They could be using an email address that wasn't recognised for some reason.
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Well, he sent it to me (outside of the forum) and I entered the user manually thru the AdminCP.

He is a computer tech support guy by day so I seriously doubt he failed to enter it correctly on the register screen.

What are the "some reasons" an email is not recognized? Other than invalid format I personally can't think of any. Does MyBB validate the address?
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There are a couple of points of validation for registration:
  • We check if the email address is an empty string (such as "", " ", etc.)
  • We check if the emaila ddress looks like it is valid using a regular expression of "^[a-zA-Z0-9&*+\-_.{}~^\?=\/][email protected][a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.([a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.)*[a-zA-Z0-9-]{2,}$": (this is the part I'm guessing went wrong - the code should probably use filter_var with FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL like we do in the ACP and the Stop Forum Spam code.
  • We check that the email address isn't in the list of blocked email addresses/domains set by the administrator
  • We check the email isn't already in use by another user (assuming you don't have the setting enabled to allow emails to be used multiple times)
  • We check that the first email and second email match (you enter the email twice to confirm it)

As I said, I'm guessing it's the address format validation that is failing. I've opened an issue on GitHub to see if there's any reason to keep it that way rather than using filter_var:

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