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Webmaster Meets Administrator Forum - You'll all like it!
Hi all! I want to present my forum that I finally got done today. I started it late last night. It took me all day to get the forums set up and organized. I really like the way it looks/turned out.

The forum is called Webmaster Meets Administrator Forum (WmAF), a forum for a website I have in the works; WmA. The forum is designed for webmasters AND administrators. That is my favorite part. When I thought of the idea I just couldn't pass it up. I'm a member of webmaster and administrator forums, but I've never seen one combined before. And that, is what I think makes it so unique.

Plus, basically everyone one this forum can join WmAF and find somewhere they're comfortable. Because, we're all MyBB admin, right?

Now you are the first I'm showing and it isn't completely done. I still have future plans/add ons/themes and other enhancements to do for it. But I just can't resist making a topic about it now and listening to some opinions.

So, without further adieu, the link to WmAF;

The host is free. They're pretty good for a free host. But they have been acting up today. One minute loading is fine, the next it doesn't load. So I'll get that sorted out. Also, the domain... Yes, it does say "WebMadMin" and no, it doesn't make sense. I thought of it before I named the forum. This is how I got it:


So that about wraps it up. Feedback and registrations (Smile) welcome! Thanks.
Most webmaster forums have admin areas as well and vice-versa. As for the name's rather unattractive, complicated, and odd. .es is spain? Do they give away domains free or something?

I do like your forum structure and of course Firefoxwiz's theme goes well with it.

Good luck in your endevour.
v7n (Webmaster)
Webmaster-Talk (Webmaster)
The Admin Zone (Administrator)

They have nothing of the sort and are among the biggest forums I know of. (For either admin/web)

I'm never good at naming my forums/sites. I think the best name I've ever come up with is _Attacker which I've used for R/C Attacker and XboxAttacker. (But those are vBulletin forums and I do believe I'm not allowed to link.)

As for the .es, you're probably right. I have no idea though, but it doesn't matter to me because it's short and they're a good free host. I love FirefoxWiz's theme but at first I wanted the one from her forum until I found out it was exclusive and non-downloadable.

Thank you for the luck...
DP is probably the largest webmaster forums around and it has good sections for sysadmin. One thing is for sure most forums are slanted toward one side or another. Like I said your structure is actually pretty cool.
That is true. DP's forums are quite large.

Thank you for the complements on the structure. I love it myself. The second best thing is the skin. Other than that... ehh. Like you said about the name and domain, I'm not too fond of them. But it is still a start.

Maybe if it grows big I'll get some hosting, a domain, and change the name. And possibly upgrade to my love, vBulletin. (I didn't just say that on these forums. You're seeing things.)
Quote:And possibly upgrade to my love, vBulletin. (I didn't just say that on these forums. You're seeing things.)

I just upgraded my largest forums ( from VB to Mybb. It's a vast improvement and the members LOVE it.
I think you got me the wrong way. I say upgrade to vBulletin from MyBB. (Wouldn't vise versa be a downgrade anyway?)

But that is beside the point. Your forum is nice and I'm glad the members like it.
Quote:I think you got me the wrong way. I say upgrade to vBulletin from MyBB.

No's you that has it backwards. Mybb is certainly better than VB in many respects. If you think paying money for a license to VB just to have almost all the same function as Mybb as an upgrade...then that's your problem. Mybb 1.4 promises to flip the entire forum software community on it's heels. Converting to VB is imho not an upgrade.
That is your opinion. Thank you for sharing it. I posted mine in your newest thread.

Come on guys! I see a lot of you lurking but no first couple of registrations? I know it's nothing special yet other than the layout... but at least give it a shot! Big Grin
My advice to any new admin with a forum he is trying to promote. Start making posts for people to respond to. Don't rely on others to join and create activity where there is none. Activity starts with you.

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