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Not Solved possible to resume merge after "MySQL server has gone away"
Not Solved
Good evening to @ll,

I am attempting a merge from wbb 4.x to MyBB 1.8 using the merger. 

Whilst running the post module (some 400,000 posts), following error ocurred:

SQL Error:
    2006 - MySQL server has gone away
    INSERT INTO mybb_debuglogs (`type`,`message`,`timestamp`) VALUES (1,'File: /merge/resources/class_error.php Line: 52 Function: Log->error -> \r\nFile: /inc/db_mysqli.php Line: 597 Function: debugErrorHandler->error -> \r\nFile: /inc/db_mysqli.php Line: 337 Function: DB_MySQLi->error -> \r\nFile: /inc/db_mysqli.php Line: 370 Function: DB_MySQLi->query -> \r\nFile: /inc/db_mysqli.php Line: 831 Function: DB_MySQLi->write_query -> \r\nFile: /merge/resources/modules/posts.php Line: 87 Function: DB_MySQLi->insert_query -> \r\nFile: /merge/boards/wbb4/posts.php Line: 42 Function: Converter_Module_Posts->insert -> \r\nFile: /merge/index.php Line: 946 Function: WBB4_Converter_Module_Posts->import -> \r\n$type: 20 $message: Array $file: $line: 0',1512926445)

I am aware that this is a host issue and not an inherent bug in either MyBB or the Merge System.

Our server tends to be ... wonky and go away from time to time. Hoster (Host Europe) has recommended we upgrade to a package with more memory.

My (current) question: Once this error has ocurred, is there any way to resume the merge once server is running again or do I have to delete everything and start from scratch? (Which is what I did the last time)

Grateful for any pointers!

Best Regards,

PS: English is not my mother tongue. And all things webserver is what we in Germany call "Böhmische Dörfer" (reads: I am effing clueless)
Not Solved
I don’t believe you can resume it. Usually we would recommend running the merge on your computer with a local install of MySQL and PHP using something like XAMPP or WAMP. That way you’re not relying on your host’s server or anything.
Not Solved
Hi Euan T,

in my naivety I had called my hoster, had them restart the server, called up the merge system, which told me the posts-table had crashed. Lucky enough, repair table did the trick. AND after pressing "resume" Merge System continued importing the posts.

However, what you are suggesting sounds like the more sensible way to go.

You don't happen to be able to recommend any resources for the ... digitally-challenged regarding the process of migrating the end result from local LAMP onto the hosts server?
Not Solved
If you’ve managed to get it working on the live server, all should be fine Smile

If it isn’t working, you can run it locally using XAMPP or something similar, then you would need to export the database (using phpMyAdmin) and import it on your server. There’s a guide explaining that process available here:
Not Solved
Thanks! Export via phpmyadmin is not an option, due to database size (2.4gb). Nevertheless your reply contained the crucial link I was missing: I had previously google searched "migrating large database ..." which returned rather discouraging results. Google search for "export large database phpmyadmin" brought me to - so now I'm setting my hopes on MySQLDumper once we do the "real" merge (currently still testing the waters).

Anywho; - inspite of several instances of "...server has gone away" and loooong processing time -> so far it _looks like_ it worked. (database size increased from 1.7gb to 2.4, though, so colour me naive)

Thanks again!

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