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Not Solved [How To?] Make a clean install without lose forums data
Not Solved
Hello everyone.

After a few years using MyBB and doing all the upgrades etc, some actions seems broken for me and it's driving me crazy, because I posted about one of the problems some weeks ago and the guy said it's only me or whatever.

So my forum has basically broken:
- Multi quote not working
- Search for users but admin is not working, always return "no response, change your search keywords" (something like this)
- Admin Panel returning "HTTP Error 500" after save some configs (ie: Changing userground permissions, it return HTTL Error 500, when I "move back" the setting is saved tho).

It might be something related to my end> Since I use a "custom" admin folder, not sure if I forgot to re-rename it in some upgrade(idk if it's really necessary to rename back to "admin" besides upload the files into the admin folder, anyway...).

So, there is a way to install everything again from scratch and keep the database intact? Or there is a better way to check those errors to fix them? Cuz I don't see anything that might break those in the "updated templates" or whatever.

Thank you.
Not Solved
looks like I missed checking back few of your earlier threads ..

if your forum is eligible for support [see MyBB Support Eligibility Policy],
would you like to PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & web host control panel
[if required, you can provide your own credentials & change them later]

however not sure that I can check the issues this weekend ..
Not Solved
About the Web host control panel, a FTP account to the forums folder would be good?

Edit: I sent you a PM.

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